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About Us

So who are we!?

We are Daughters of Disco.

Daughters of Disco is the brain child of Louise, the Marketing Director at The ESco Group and the creative talent within their Management Team.

Louise has always had a creative streak,a passion for design and desire to get involved with retail, so we sent her off to bring it to life.

We started our journey with typography posters which are just plain fun, bringing colour and glamour to the home. Born during the global pandemic and lockdown of 2020, we’ve never needed positivity as much as we do now.

Once pen was to paper and those creative cogs started turning, it wasn’t long before Louise's designs jumped off the page and onto home textiles and bone china.

The journey for Daughters of Disco is new and ever evolving, who knows where we’ll end up?  

So, who is The ESco Group?

We are an independent, primarily female owned brand, started way back in 1984 by our MD and power house, Susan Duffin.

ESco started in 1984 by offering support services to businesses…the growth and diversification over the years has come from always saying “yes!” and throwing everything we have at every project that comes our way.

The ESco Group currently consists of two brands:

ESco – a subscription bureau working with some of the countries most dynamic magazine publishers

Daughters of Disco – the retail arm of our group... spreading fun, colour and positivity through the homes across our nation and beyond!  

We have some more exciting plans for our future, so keep an eye on the ESco Group to see what's next.

Two brands, one ethos – Service with Integrity